Meet in Maastricht

Thinking of combining business with pleasure? Then Maastricht is the perfect choice. This compact and very accessible city offers excellent facilities for congresses and conferences for large as well as small groups. In addition, Maastricht is in many ways a very international city – in terms of language expertise as well as accessibility. Maastricht is situated in the heart of Europe and can easily be reached by plane, train and car. Maastricht has its own airport, named Maastricht-Aachen Airport. Furthermore,  there are six other (inter)national airports within a radius of 150 kilometres from the city centre of Maastricht. The city is accessible by train as well. It has a central station with connections to Amsterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven and Liège. Travellers from Germany can reach Maastricht by train via Heerlen and Venlo You can also travel with the Thalys and/or Eurostar from London, Paris and Brussels to Maastricht via Liège. Maastricht may also be reached by car. The city has good connections with several highways from Amsterdam, Brussels, Luxembourg, Paris, Aachen and Cologne.

City of culture

Together with its partner cities and regions, Maastricht cherishes the ambition  to become the cultural capital of Europe in 2018. Not only is the title important, but the road to get there is just as crucial. This is why there will be an even greater focus on the arts and culture in Maastricht during the coming years. So be sure to keep a sharp eye on cultural events in Maastricht.

City of Festivals

Maastricht is building up a reputation as a city of festivals. Over the years, an extremely varied programme of high-quality festivals has developed, appealing to young and old alike. Maastricht was always a very musical city, and there are individual festivals focusing on all kinds of music: classical, pop, dance, jazz, chamber music, organ music and medieval music. But there are also festivals devoted to theatre, dance, poetry and new forms of contemporary culture.

City of Arts and Antiques

Maastricht can justifiably call itself an art city pur sang. Historical masterpieces – including some by Rubens, Van Dyck and Jordaens – can be found in the Bonnefanten Museum as well as a great many modern works. Nowhere else will you find so many art galleries per square kilometre exhibiting works by contemporary artists. You practically stumble over art, with a permanent collection of figures gracing the streets by artists such as Mari Andriessen, Charles Eyck, Arthur Spronken, Willem Hofhuizen and Piet Killaars. And last but not least, there is the TEFAF, an annual international art fair which puts Maastricht squarely on the international art map.

City of Shopping

Maastricht is the prettiest shopping city in the Netherlands!

City of Gastronomic capital

Culinary traditions are deeply rooted in Maastricht, as attested by the no less than five restaurants sporting a total of six Michelin stars in front. But the local residents are also more than happy to indulge their taste buds in a small but cosy wine restaurant or with a tasty snack in one of the many local brown cafés (pubs). The countless restaurants and brasseries offer hospitality and quality in every price class – just one more good reason for putting Maastricht on the menu more often.


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